How To Keep Your Prestige Car Safe

If you own a prestige car then the unfortunate fact is that it can attract unwanted attention from thieves and vandals.

Getting prestige cars repaired can be very costly so it’s always a good idea to take any steps you can to keep your car safe. With this in mind below are some tips to help reduce the risks that come with owning a prestige car.

Use it sparingly

Many prestige car owners will only use their vehicle for special occasions. This certainly helps to reduce the risk of things like theft and vandalism since using a prestige car as your everyday vehicle can easily attract unwanted attention.

Secure parking is a must

Secure parking is a must when you own a prestige vehicle. This means you should have a securely locked garage to store your car at home and always ensure that you park your car securely when out and about. Parking on the street is never worth the risk.

You should also make sure to never leave any valuables in your vehicle, even if it’s parked in a secure car park. Thieves aren’t always looking to steal your car itself, the contents can be just as big a target. Things like laptops, phones, tablets, handbags etc. can easily attract thieves.

Use a tracking device

You can get GPS tracking devices for cars for a very reasonable price nowadays. Investing in such an item could save you a huge amount of time and stress too. If your vehicle were to be stolen then you could easily track it and inform the police of its whereabouts. This is invaluable when you own a prestige vehicle.

Get the right cover

Getting the right insurance policy is another vital step you need to take to insure your prestige car. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, it might be a good idea to get an agreed value insurance policy. This is where you and the insurance provider agree on the value of the vehicle before the policy is taken out. This is particularly useful for vintage cars that don’t necessarily have a set market value.

When getting insurance for your prestige car it’s a good idea to get the most comprehensive policy possible. This means getting fully comprehensive road risk cover as well as things like windscreen repair and breakdown assistance. If you only use your vehicle sparingly then you can save money by getting a limited mileage policy.