The Best Type of Property for Prestige Car Owners

If you own a prestige car then you’ll certainly want to take any steps you can to protect it.

One of the biggest risks for car owners is having their vehicle vandalized or stolen when it’s parked at home.

The type of property you have makes a big different where risk is concerned. This being the case, below is a guide that covers the different types of property available and whether or not they’re suitable for prestige car owners.


Houses vary a lot but if you’re looking for a more high-end property then you certainly shouldn’t have trouble finding a house that has a decent sized garage where you can park your car. A locked garage is certainly the best option when you own a prestige car since it considerably cuts down the risk of having it stolen or vandalized. This in turn also helps to keep the cost of your insurance to a minimum. The downside to owning a house is that they do come with more maintenance compared to a flat.

If the house has a conservatory, then it’s a good idea to have blinds installed to improve overall security. Blinds for your conservatory are very affordable now and come in a wide range of colours, so you should have no problem finding something that’s perfect.


Apartments are the main alternative to getting a house and they certainly come with some key benefits. Apartments are often safer and are less likely to be broken into compared to houses. A big benefit for prestige car owners is that they often come with parking included. The type of parking you get with apartments will depend so it’s important to be sure that it’s secure parking if you own a prestige car since anything that’s easily accessible will put your vehicle at too much risk.

Thatched roof house

If you’re interested in getting a thatched roof house then you need to think about what parking is available. It’s not uncommon for thatched roof properties to have no garage, or even a drive in some cases. Parking on the street is obviously far from ideal, even considering that a lot of thatched roof properties are located in rural, low-crime areas.

You would need to get specialist insurance if you owned a thatched roof home since regular home insurance isn’t enough. Getting quotes is easy enough from sites such as


When looking for a new property as a prestige car owner, safety should always be your first priority. In reality you want to be sure that any property you get comes with secure parking since it will lower the cost of your car insurance and help to lower the risk of theft or vandalism.